[Multi function space saving design] – our car cup holder tray is a 8-inch plate, which can not only place food, but also place your commonly used things, such as mobile phone, wallet, credit card, etc… with anti-skid rubber pad, the items on the tray will not move or produce any noise. There is also a padded smartphone holder on the tray to allow you to enjoy the program while eating.

[Flexible and adjustable] – designed with 360 ?? rotation function and articulated arm, you can adjust the cup holder tray to the most convenient and comfortable position. After adjusting to the best position, rotate and tighten the upper and lower nuts so that the car cup holder tray can be firmly fixed.

[Extendable and slide free adjustable base] – the adjustable base can be extended from 2.6 inches to 3.7 inches to ensure that the base is firmly installed on various car cup holders and will not fall. The silicone pad on the extension provides greater grip. (Note: this tray needs to be assembled, please read the manual before purchasing)

[Suitable for most car models] – this additional on-board cup holder tray is suitable for most models, only a few models have cup holders at an angle, embedded sink or hidden in compartment. It can save you several times and dig out your mobile phone, credit card, coin, key, coin, pen, wallet, etc. between the seat and the center console. Making your family and friends happy and safe during driving is a perfect gift for people you care about